Saturday, January 16, 2010

Something Pink...

As I scowered the house looking for my pink I stumbeled over 2 very energetic little boys with their legos, trucks, remote control cars and G.I. Joes. A husband with his power tools and other manly things he has filled our garage with. One grumpy old dog named Duke and a little terror of a puppy named Pez, I couldn't help but wonder, "Where is my pink in this house of blue?" Answer...... me. :)

I am a wife, a mother, a daughter, a sister, a neice, a grandaughter and a friend. I am funloving, down to earth, funny (or at least I like to think I am), turning 30 in a few shorts days, shy, private .....and very uncomfortable talking about myself.

I am hungry...very hungry....All. Of. The. Time. This is what dieting does to a person. I am ok with that, I am turning 30 after all and I plan on make them the best years of my life. Wow, that is a big statement because my 20's were pretty fabulous. I married the man of my dreams, and he still is today after 10 years, and I have birthed two beautiful little boys. Perhaps I am not trying to top my 20s but I want something new for my 30s. There, that sounds better.

So, how appropriate that this be the first blog of this project. By the way, this project is to "Get a look into my life through the lens of my camera...for 365 Days!", as said best by my friend Kristi. So I have shared a tich of myself with you and I hope as this project continues I will be able to share with you more of who I am all about. Perhaps, even I may discover who I am.

So here I am unedited and hating my eyebrows! :D


  1. Leeanna, I LOVE your final sentences!!!! That is inspirational! I cannot wait to see more of your boys and your life through your blog!!

  2. I hear you on the finding something pink in a house of blue. Great pic & great post! Looking forward to seeing the rest of your pics :o)

  3. Aww- that's VERY cute! you are for sure the pink in the house! Can't wait to hear more about how the pink mixes with the blue in your house!