Tuesday, January 26, 2010

How'd I manage this?

I am super bummed about this picture. I was sitting under a tree looking up at my handsome husband. This totally would have been a fabulous pic of him. I think I would have even ordered a copy so I could frame it and put it next to my favorite chair for me to gaze at. :(((((

On the plus side, the sky is very pretty.
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  1. If you know someone with Adobe Lightroom, you can get them to lighten the shadow, and perhaps even eliminate it, on him for you. :)

  2. MAN I wish I still had corel!!! Great sky though ;)

  3. Thanks Karri, I will have to ask around.

    lol, Thanks Kristi!

  4. Flash is your friend in bright sunlight my dear! Even if it's lightened in PS it will erase too many pixels.

    Next time two options:
    1) expose for him (which will blow the background)
    2) expose for the background, but add flash (bumped up if possible)

  5. Really? Use my flash in teh sunlight? Who would have thunk it. :) I will have to try this. Thanks Mariah!